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A Research based, Customer driven & result oriented Marketing & Brand consulting firm working with “A Vision to Empower Brand India” by building World Class Indian Brands within India and to take them globally, also to turn India into a manufacturing hub for the rest of the world, so that the world should look up to India when it comes to manufacturing to attract more foreign investments in India to create new and better employment/business opportunities in the country to Empower Brand India.

ICSR Awards is an initiative by Marketing & Brand Honchos towards their Vision of “Empowering Brand India”. We believe that Corporate Social Responsibility plays a vital role in contributing towards Indian economy but it requires a platform to recognize, acknowledge and reward those who are relentlessly and selflessly working in that direction, Moreover it also need some inputs from those Individuals, organizations & institutes who are committed and devoted towards the same and can throw some light into its loopholes with solutions to overcome the same & their recommendations to multiply the impact of CSR on Indian economy.

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