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Award Nomination Fee

For Corporates - INR 25,000 + GST (Per Category)

For NGO's & Individuals - INR 25,000 All Inclusive (Per Category)

Environmental Responsibility Initiatives of the Year

  • Pollution Control Initiative
  • Save Water Initiatives
  • Plant More Trees Initiatives
  • Wildlife Protection Initiatives
  • Avoid use of Plastic Initiative
  • Solar Energy use Initiative
  • Reliance on Renewable Energy Initiatives
  • Donation for Environment Cause
  • Use of Electric Vehicle Initiatives

Healthcare Initiative of the Year

  • Cancer Awareness Initiatives
  • Diabetes Awareness Initiatives
  • AIDS Awareness Initiatives
  • Polio Awareness Initiatives
  • Healthy Diet Awareness Initiatives
  • Fitness Awareness Initiatives
  • Sex Education Awareness Initiatives
  • Personal Hygiene Awareness Programme
  • Public Health Programme Initiatives

Special Awards

  • Best Human Welfare initiative of the Year
  • Top 5 Best Human Welfare initiatives of the year
  • Best CSR Professional of the Year
  • Top 10 Best CSR Professionals of the Year
  • Top 20 Best NGO’S of the Year
  • Best NGO of the Year
  • Top 5 Best COVID-19 CSR Initiatives of the Year
  • Best Covid 19 Initiative of the Year
  • Best CSR Project of the Year
  • Top 5 Best CSR Projects of the Year
  • Best Healthcare Initiative of the Year
  • Best Social Welfare Initiative of the Year
  • Best Road Safety Project of the Year
  • Best Company to Work for the Year
  • Best Education Support Initiative of the Year
  • Best Women Empowerment Initiative of the year
  • Best 3 Individual Contributors in Social Welfare

Women Empowerment Initiative of the Year

  • Women's Safety Initiatives
  • Women Healthcare Initiatives
  • Women Employment Initiatives
  • Gender Equality Initiatives

Education Initiative of the year

  • Primary Education Initiatives
  • Higher Education Initiatives
  • Scholarship Programme Initiatives
  • Girl child Edcuation Programme Initiatives
  • Skill Development Programme Initiatives
  • Education Sponsorship (Providing Study Materials to Needy)

For Speaking & Awards

Gaurav Bhalla



For Exhibition & Delegation

Rohan Madan



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