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Award Nomination

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Award Nomination Fee

For Corporates - INR 25,000 + GST (Per Category)

For NGO's & Individuals - INR 25,000 All Inclusive (Per Category)

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Award Categories

Pollution Control Initiative
Save Water Initiatives
Plant More Trees Initiatives
Willife Protection Initiatives
Avoid use of Plastic Initiative
Solar Energy use Initiative
Reliance on Renewable Energy Initiatives
Donation for Environment Cause
Use of Electric Vehicle Initiatives
Cancer Awareness Initiatives
Diabetes Awareness Initiatives
AIDS Awareness Initiatives
Polio Awareness Initiatives
Healthy Diet Awareness Initiatives
Fitness Awareness Initiatives
Sex Education Awareness Initiatives
Personal Hygiene Awareness Programme
Public Health Programme Initiatives
Women's Safety Initiatives
Women Healthcare Initiatives
Women Employment Initiatives
Gender Equality Initiatives
Primary Education Initiatives
Higher Education Initiatives
Scholarship Programme Initiatives
Girl child Edcuation Programme Initiatives
Skill Development Programme Initiatives
Education Sponsorship (Providing Study Materials to Needy)
Best Human Welfare initiative of the Year
Top 5 Best Human Welfare initiatives of the year
Best CSR Professional of the Year
Top 10 Best CSR Professionals of the Year
Top 20 Best NGO’S of the Year
Best NGO of the Year
Top 5 Best COVID-19 CSR Initiatives of the Year
Best Covid 19 Initiative of the Year
Best CSR Project of the Year
Top 5 Best CSR Projects of the Year
Best Healthcare Initiative of the Year
Best Social Welfare Initiative of the Year
Best Road Safety Project of the Year
Best Company to Work for the Year
Best Education Support Initiative of the Year
Best Women Empowerment Initiative of the year
Best 3 Individual Contributors in Social Welfare

For Speaking & Awards

Gaurav Bhalla



For Exhibition & Delegation

Rohan Madan



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