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How to inculcate women Empowerment Practices in rural India?

  • Compulsory Primary, secondary & higher education for females
  • Adequate Healthcare Facilities for females
  • Stringent Legal actions against domestic violence
  • Fair Employment Opportunities for females at all levels
  • Skill development initiatives for females

Steps to eradicate most crucial social impact challenges( Poverty, unemployment, per capita income, standard of Living, Lack of Healthcare Facilities)?

  • The Role of Indian Corporate Leadership
  • City & State wise development initiatives.
  • Role of Schools, Colleges, Healthcare, Real estate & Construction Sector.
  • Role & responsibilities of Centre & State Governments.

Most Crucial Environmental Threats in India and Steps to curb the same?

  • Air Pollution & Health issues
  • Climate Change
  • Global Warming
  • Water Pollution & Crisis
  • Depletion of Natural Resources

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