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Brand Honchos is one of the Leading Corporate media House which is working with a Vision to “Empower Brand India” by building world class Indian Brands within India by promoting and inculcating the globally most effective Corporate strategies adopted by Fortune 500 Companies among Indian corporates, so that Indian Brands can stand in competition with International Brands globally and can be sold to the rest of the world.

We at Brand Honchos keep on organizing world class Corporate Conventions & Summits from time to time across different Industries to find out the key challenges being faced by that Particular Industry and the same is being attended by the leading Corporate thought Leaders, Visionary Leaders and Who’s Who of the Industry to understand “How to overcome the challenges being faced by the Industry”.

Some of the Fortune 500 Brands and Leading Indian corporates have been the part of our corporate conferences and Award events (Deloitte, KPMG, IBM, hp, P&G, Tata Power, Indigo Airlines, Dabur, Vedanta, Aditya Birla, JK Tyre, ICICI Bank, SBI Foundation, HCL, Byju’s, Philips, CanaraHSBC, J K Lakshmi Cement and many more)

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