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Refunds & Cancellations

We at Brand Honchos are into corporate events for which we take upto 100% advance registration from our clients to book their slots and to confirm their Participation, Hence our refund and cancellation policies are slightly different from other organizations/Brands. We accept refund requests only in specific scenarios which is beyond our control. 

  • We accept advance payments from all our clients for booking their slots in our event for which we make advance payments further to our vendors, hence any payment done by our clients towards their participation in our event is nonrefundable, except in certain cases listed below:
    • Excess Amount Paid by client: If by mistake or co incidentally any clients pays over and above the Amount they are suppose to pay, they can claim for the refund immediately and the same will be settled back in 7days.
    • Cancellation of the Event: If any event is cancelled by us due to any personal/official reasons in that case the refund will be issued to all the clients within 15 days from the date of cancellation.
  • No refund/Cancellation will be accepted in case of event reschedule/postponed due to any operational reasons.
  • The Booking/confirmation given by the client cannot be transferred to any other client without the approval of the senior management of the organizing committee.

Pricing: Our Pricing is quite subjective and varies from Event to event and client to client based on the availability and the kind of deliverables taken by the client, hence it is not feasible for us to share/mention event pricing. The pricing of the event is shared with the clients over the email based on their participation.

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