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Panel Discussion 1: What are the Factors that Corporates consider for associating with any NGO as their Implement/NGO Partner for their CSR Activities.

  • Profile of Trustees/Founders.
  • Areas of CSR Activities.
  • Size and Presence of an NGO
  • Scope & Significance of the CSR Projects
  • Impact Analysis
  • Brand Awareness & Brand Value of an NGO

Panel Discussion 2: what steps should be taken by Corporates & NGO’S to improve the synchronization between the two.

  • To Review CSR Mandate
  • Flexibility & Transparency
  • Exploring mutual synergies
  • Bridging the Gaps respectively

Panel Discussion 3: How can we improve the impact of CSR Activities effectively on Pan India Basis ?

  • Implementing CSR Activities effectively in Backward Areas
  • Stringent Goals towards key & significant areas
  • Considering the Scope, Significance and Long Term Impact of the CSR Initiatives.
  • Diversifying the Areas of CSR initiatives.
  • To Carry out Bigger CSR Initiatives in association & collaboration with other organizations

Panel Discussion 4: How Corporates can help NGO’S in shifting their focus from deploying resources for seeking donations to implementing CSR initiatives effectively?

  • Adequate Long Term financial support and association.
  • Outsourcing most of their CSR Initiatives to NGO’S.
  • Integrating Effective & Transparent Policies, Parameters, Analysis of Implementation and Evaluation
  • Adopting and associating more and more with small/Less Familiar & genuine NGO’S.

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