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Privacy Policy

We at Brand Honchos implement the stringent privacy policy designed by the senior management of the organization on how to collect, use and protect the information collected by our clients:

  • The Photos and Logos used on the website with respect to other Brands/Leaders is with the consent of the respective clients only.
  • We consider taking consent from clients online or through text message for using their Photos/Logos.
  • No outside organization/client is authorized to use Any photo or logo from our website without our approval/consent.
  • We do not share our clients information with any third party without our clients consent.
  • No Person/employee from our organization is allowed to share/leak any personal information to any outsider, any person doing such offence will be responsible himself/herself for the same.
  • All the terms and conditions are being considered and taken care of while using any client information.
  • Clients can use their pics/video’s clicked at our event for promotional purpose, but not authorized to misuse the same in any regard.
  • No client/outsider should use/pick any Photo, video and content from our website without our approval.

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